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With summer approaching, now is a good time to adjust your sprinklers, do some light pruning and apply a layer of mulch. It is also not too late to plant warm season herbs and vegetables.

Your sprinklers should be set to water deep, but not too often. The number of days and length of watering will depend on your sprinkler set-up, soil and type of plants. If you feel your plants are not getting enough water add a few minutes to the timer, but don't water too often. The goal is to get the water down deep to the roots.

Do some light pruning so that plants are in good shape for the summer. Most plants don't like a heavy pruning this time of year, so just prune to get your plants in shape. Save heavy pruning until the weather cools in the Fall.

Applying a 1"-2" layer of organic mulch will help your garden a great deal! Don't use bark type mulch because it will deplete the soil of nitrogen as it breaks down. Any good composted organic material will work. The mulch will help protect the plants' roots from heat, conserve moisture, smother weeds, feed the soil and make the garden look great all at the same time!

If you have not already done so, get some vegetables and herbs in the garden now! Warm season crops such as tomatoes, peppers and squash are easy to grow. And there is nothing better than fresh vegetables right from your own yard. Just amend the soil with some organic compost, add some good organic fertilizer and plant! Be sure to deep water 3-4 times a week for the best crop production.


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