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Both aphids and powdery mildew attack the new growth on roses. Hose your rose bush off once a week (early in the morning) to rid the bush of both. Spray with horticultural oil only if pests are persistent.

Fertilize roses when first new growth appears and every 4-6 weeks thru fall. I use either Grow Power's Bloom formula or Dr. Earth Rose Food.

Plant your spring and summer vegetables and herbs. In the nurseries you can find tomatoes, beans, squash, corn, peppers and much more. I use Dr. Earth brand Fish Bone Meal on all of my vegetables except leafy greens such as spinach and lettuce.

Begin feeding camellias and azaleas this month. Feed with an acid fertilizer every month thru October. Also add Irinite if the leaves are yellowing, but the viens are green.

Feed lawns with a high nitrogen fertilizer. Use ‘Weed and Feed’ Lawn fertilizer if weeds are a problem.

Fertilize trees, shrubs and perennials with a well-balanced fertilizer.

Check your irrigation system, so you are ready for the approaching warm weather. Turn on each station and walk around to check for clogged or broken heads.

Control slugs and snails by hand picking or applying bait. Use only Iron Phosphate based baits such as Slug-Go, Worry Free or Garden's Alive brand Escar-Go.

Pull weeds as they pop up in early spring to avoid bigger problems later.

Plant perennials, spring and summer blooming annuals and vegetables.

Apply soil acidifiers to hydrangeas monthly to turn pink flowers blue.

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