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With winter approaching, now is a good time to adjust your sprinklers, do some light pruning and apply a layer of mulch. If rain is expected turn your sprinklers off and only water when necessary.

Protect your plants if frost is predicted by moving potted plants close to the house and covering delicate plants with a sheet, towel or blanket.

Wait until late January or early February to prune your roses.

Applying a 1"-2" layer of organic mulch will help your garden a great deal! Don't use bark type mulch because it will deplete the soil of nitrogen as it breaks down. Any good composted organic material will work. The mulch will help protect the plants' roots from extreme temperatures, conserve moisture, smother weeds, feed the soil and make the garden look great all at the same time!

Spend some time this winter planning what you want to do in your yard this spring!

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