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Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is a form of gardening that uses diverse natural means in pest control to reduce the use of pesticides and tries to provide as much fertility with local sources of nutrients rather than chemical fertilizers. The term may have ironically arisen as a response to the effects observed in farming during the first half of the twentieth century and the evolving science of organic chemistry. It is said by some of its supporters to be more in harmony with nature. Organic gardeners emphasise the concept that "the soil feeds the plant".

Gardening organicly is safer for you, your children and you pets. Gardening organicly also prevents the killing of benificial organisims such as earthworms.

Following the guidelines of organic gardening is no more difficult than gardening with chemicals. It is just as easy and no more costly. Look for organic fertilizers and pest controls at your local nursery.


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