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Cutting Gardens

Wouldn’t you love to have fresh flowers on your table every day? Or maybe when company is coming and you just don’t have time to run out and buy some. It is easy to add a few flowers or plan entire beds that will look great in your garden and provide bouquets for your house. Even of you don't bring the flowers into the house you will enjoy them in your yard!

Removing flowers from your plants actually encourages the plant to produce more flowers, so you wont be taking color out of the yard for long.

Choose plants that bloom profusely so that they provide a lot of flowers. Some plants have so many blooms that cutting them has little effect.

Use plants that will provide blooms in all seasons. It is easy to find plants that will provide spring bouquets, so make an effort to include plants that bloom in other seasons.

If there are flowers that you particularly love, plant a lot of them. This way you will not only have a big supply of flowers for cutting, but bringing some into the house will not make as big of an impact on the garden.

Consider what colors you’d like in the house. Include flowers and plants for different textures, heights, fragrances & colors.

Don’t forget to include plants for fillers like fern, fruit tree twigs, grasses & other greenery.

Perennials for cutting: Alstromeria Yarrow Baby’s Breath Daisy Lavender Delphinium Penstemon Salvia Hydrangea Roses Rudbeckia Ferns

Annuals & biennials for cutting: Foxgloves Cornflower Larkspur Snapdragon Zinnia Stock Sunflowers Sweet peas Lisanthus Cosmos

Bulbs for cutting: Freesia Gladiola Iris Daffodil Tulip Ranunculus


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