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Landscape Design Services

Are you removing your lawn? Do you want to reduce your water usage? Do you have a yard that needs to be renovated? Would you like a more low maintenance yard? Help is on the way!

Annie has been designing custom landscapes in Orange County for over 27 years. She can work with you to create the landscape that you want! She can do the design and refer great contractors too! Give her a call to talk about the possibilities. 949-458-3974

Having degrees in both Landscape Design and Horticulture, she can help you plan your yard by creating a design to fit your ideas, budget, style and property.

She can create a Planting Design taking into account the water needs (Drought Tolerant, California Friendly or regular), sun requirements, style, color and bloom time of each plant and/or a Hardscape Design including new patios, pools, BBQ's, walls, fences, pathways and more.

She can help you create a landscape of any style including drought tolerant, Mediterranean, succulent and native gardens. She also designs English Cottage, formal, tropical and contemporary landscapes. And she loves to create edible gardens including vegetables, herbs and fruit trees!

She will also help with horticultural problems such as soil amending, fertilizing and pest control.

Blueprint Landscape Design Drawings:

Blueprints Designs for Orange County yards can include plant and/or hardscape ideas. Blueprints range in price depending on the size and complexity of the project. Most blueprint designs range from $500-$2,500 depending on the size and complexity of the project. Call to schedule a free appointment if you would like a bid on a Blueprint Landscape Design Drawing 949-458-3974.

Landscape Consultations:

With an 'On Site Landscape Consultationí (Orange County, California only) Annie will set up an appointment to walk through your yard with you and discuss any ideas or problems that you may have. A few days after our meeting, you will receive a detailed report including ideas on what to plant, pest control, care, fertilizing, & soil amending. Consultations do not include a blueprint drawing, but may include small design sketches. On Site Landscape Consultations range from $150-$350 depending on the size of the project. To Schedule an On Site Landscape Consultation call 949-458-3974 to make an appointment.

Custom Maintenance Guides:

Give Annie your specific maintenance concerns and she will create a Maintenance Guide just for you. This will include care for the types of plants you grow (Roses, vegetables, shrubs...) and what specific gardening concerns you have. She will give you ideas on watering, pruning, fertilizing, pest control and general seasonal chores. Fee for this service is $75.00. Give her call or send an email to ask about Custom Maintenance Guides.

Five Ways to Save WATER in Your Yard!

1. Start with Smart Plants. There are many wonderful choices for plants that require low water. You do not have to have a cactus garden to save water. Take a look at all of the 'California Friendly' plants that love our climate and don't need a lot of water.

2. Eliminate Thirsty Lawns. Lawns are beautiful, but they are water hogs. Lawns can be replaced with walk-on lawn substitutes, low water plants, casual sitting areas and much more.

3. Know When To Seek Help. Using a designer to help you plan may save a ton of money and headaches in the long run. Spending some money up-front on a consultation or design might save you much more later because of bad choices, plant removal and plant replacement.

4. Take care of Your Soil. Healthy soil helps the plants thrive, stores moisture, drains better and provides needed nutrients to the plants. Mulching with compost or planter mix not only makes the garden look better, but it also conserves water, acts as an insulating blanket from heat and cold, smothers weeds and adds nutrients to the soil. Never use a bark type mulch, use only composted materials.

5. Water Wisely. Check your sprinkler system often to see if the coverage is correct. Change out heads to water saving types. Re-set the timer as the weather changes to make sure you are not using more water than needed. Hand water when you can to make the best use of your water. Water deep, but infrequently.

Look for Water Saving Rebates. Most water districts offer rebates for removing your lawn or changing your sprinkler heads. Check out what your district offers BEFORE you start.


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